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The dinner in the vineyard, between vine rows, with Italian Collio and Slovenian Brda as a stunning backdrop, offers the visitor an unforgettable experience. The chef of the evening will serve our guests according to menu based upon a specific topic, every dish will be matched with a suitable wine made by a local producer. The awe-inspiring scenery, the intimate atmosphere together with the summer’s evening breeze will not leave you disappointed.

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With whom? With famous chefs and fine wines.
Where? In the most beautiful vineyard. The meeting point at the info point 15 minutes before the start time.
When? At Likof 2018, at sunset.
How? Places must be reserved beforehand. Please visit the Likof 2018 info point for further information or call Ilaria (+39 3454566365). Check-in at 19.00 at the info point, Piazza della Libertà 6, San Floriano del Collio, GO.


FRIDAY June 1st 2018 at 19.30
Dinner in the Formentini Castle park with Vinoteka’s wines and chef Franz Fink (Austria)

SATURDAY June 2nd 2018 at 19.30
Dinner in the vineyard at sunset with Vinoteka’s wines and chef Dejan Matjašec (Slovenia)

SUNDAY June 3rd 2018 at 19.30
Dinner in the vineyard at sunset with Vinoteka’s wines and chef Stefano Sfiligoi (Italy)


Bookings should be made at the following email address: [email protected]

For more information contact Ilaria (+39 3454566365)
Check-in at 7 PM at the info point in the square Libertà 6, San Floriano del Collio, GO.

Guests are asked to wear suitable footwear.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]