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Dinner in park of the Formantini Castle, Friday 1st June 2018, 19.30 (Chef Franz Fink)Professional wine tasting with focus on Mediterranean's Malvasias, Friday 1st 2018, 19.00Wine-tasting in the vineyard: vintage Malvasias, Saturday 2nd 2018, 19.45Dinner in the vineyard, Saturday 2nd 2018, 19.30 (Chef Dejan Matjašec)Blinded wine tasting: fresh Malvasias, Sunday 3rd 2018, 19.45Chef's table (first date): Sunday 3rd June 2018, 19.30 (chef Adriano Maniacco, Yousushi)Chef's table (second date): Sunday 3rd June 2018, 21.15 (chef Adriano Maniacco, Yousushi)

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