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The wine tasting in the vineyard, with the lovely view over the rolling hills of Collio and slovenian Brda is an unforgettable experience for every participant. Both skilled and amateur wine tasters will be guided into the world of wine tasting by our experts. The topic-centred tasting of both local and foreign wines will offer also the possibility to meet some of the best-known wine producers of the local area.

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What? Topic-centred wine-tastings with expert guiding.
With whom? With wine-producers and experts.
Where? In the most atmospheric vineyards. Meeting point 15 minutes before the official beginning at the Likof info-point.
When? At Likof 2018, at sunset.
How? Booking preferable. Last-minute bookings will be made on the spot, at the Likof info-point from June 2018 1st to 3rd in San Floriano del Collio.

FRIDAY June 1st 2018
19.45 Professional wine tasting with focus on different kinds of Malvasia wines from the Mediterranean
SATURDAY June 2nd 2018
19.45 Wine tasting in the vineyard at sunset: vintage Malvasias
SUNDAY June 3rd 2018
19.45 Blinded wine tasting: fresh Malvasias